Driving Lessons

My driving lessons in Preston are conducted on a one to one basis, in either one or two hour sessions. My tuition car is the very latest Peugeot 208, this car is not only brilliant to drive but it’s also really good to teach in. It’s a very comfortable car with easy controls, it has a very smooth clutch which makes manoeuvring a lot easier.

Throughout your training I use good quality training aids, diagrams and photos that can really help you understand the lesson topic

At the beginning of your training I put a lot of emphasis on you being able to control the car properly. This is particularly useful when negotiating all types of junctions. I then go on to helping you deal with the more complicated junctions and hazards around Preston.

After learning how to control the car properly in all different situations I will then concentrate on the set control exercises, such as reversing around corners, parallel parking, bay parking and the turn in the road. I will also teach you how to perform an emergency stop.

Before taking a driving test I’ll give you lots of practice at following route signs and directions, this is something you will be asked to do on your test and is known as independent driving. Prior to your test we’ll often do a number of mock exams which will prepare you for your real driving test with an examiner.

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